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Next Thursday session September 19th 9:30

  Baby and Toddler Music group in Hemel Hempstead

Rhythmic        Rascals
Come and join in the fun, with songs that are easy to learn.
   Get your child tapping, clapping and marching to the beat.

We have lots and lots of fun singing songs and clapping along!

Study’s show children’s language development is faster when children listen to music and rhymes as a natural part of their lives. It helps develop their social interaction, confidence and co-ordination. 

We provide classes that include a rich sensory environment
 where children can experience different musical 
activities with action songs, instruments and a different 
topic each term.

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Toddler music group in Hemel Hempstead

You can bang on a drum or a tambourine or  shake maracas to the beat
                          and you can sing along and move your feet!
We have lots of instruments to play with and lots of great songs to sing                along to.
And we have some new puppet friends to meet!
To book in for a class, email me at: